Discover Japan’s three 여자고수익알바 major cities’ average hourly wage and part-time work options. This article examines Japan’s hourly earnings and part-time work.

Part-time work in Japan’s three major cities—Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya—has increased quickly. Tokyo’s part-time workforce has grown rapidly. Japanese are working part-time to combine work and family. Depending on the business and area, Japanese part-time job pays $8.50 to $14 per hour. The total excludes bonuses and other incentives. It’s national.

Japan’s most common part-time employment are retail sales and customer service, followed by food service. Education, health, and others provide opportunity. Most part-time jobs need no experience or language. For extra cash and freedom, Japan has several part-time employment.

Industry and responsibility determine Tokyo’s part-time hourly salary. Part-time jobs are easier to find. Tokyo part-time wages are now Y1,000 per hour. It’s $9/hour. Company activity and worker tenure determine this estimate’s accuracy. Part-time retail and service employees may expect an hourly compensation of Y=900-Y=1,000 (roughly $8-$9 in JPY). $9 US. US $8.50–$9.50/hour.

Education and healthcare employees might get $11–$14 per hour. Hourly rates depend on industry experience. Entry-level positions usually pay less.

Flexibility-seekers may like Tokyo’s numerous part-time employment. 7-Eleven and FamilyMart jobs are popular nowadays. Late-night enterprises help daytime workers and students. Premium restaurant waiters are among Tokyo’s numerous part-time employment.

This position needs Japanese and customer service. Tokyo’s various educational institutions employ many instructors. This city’s tutors are common. Tokyo works in movie theaters, amusement parks, and food and parcel deliveries. Tokyo offers unconventional ways to generate money.

Tokyoites are considering further moves.

Part-time hourly earnings vary in Osaka, Japan’s largest metropolis. Osaka features diverse company headquarters. In 2019, Osaka temporary workers earned Y=1,138 per hour, or $10.93 in US dollars. Weekly average hours / year income. This calculation utilizes 2019 data. Part-time retail, restaurant, and delivery workers.

Industry-specific hourly salaries vary greatly. Hotels and food services paid Y = 940 ($9.04 USD) per hour, whereas manufacturing paid 1,123 ($10.78 USD). Some companies raise compensation during holidays and other special events to attract and keep customers and employees. Market supremacy requires top talent.

Part-time jobs are available in Osaka, Japan. Osaka cooks and serves people. These tasks fit every situation. Grocery and convenience businesses provide part-time work beyond cashier and stockroom. Part-time employment exist. Department stores and shopping complexes sell well too.

Osaka language schools recruit temporary English instructors to accommodate non-native speaker demand. See this option. They provide compensated child care. It may help. Childcare and education occupations vary. Amusement parks are popular among Osaka part-timers. Both parks target young families. During peak seasons, amusement parks employ numerous seasonal workers. Especially summer.

Osaka features several student and other part-time employment. Students and others may apply. These jobs help Osaka residents.

Nagoya is a major Japanese carmaker. Nagoya has greater part-time wages than other Japanese cities. In 2020, Nagoya part-time employees will receive 1,138 yen per hour, or $10.30 in US dollars, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. The forecasts utilize 2010 data. This is better than the average part-time hourly wage of 1,049 yen, or $9.50 USD. Part-timers earn much less. It surpasses US part-time pay.

Find industrial and logistics part-time jobs in Nagoya. This city boasts several well-paid part-time employment. Some industrial firms hire part-timers at above-minimum wages for certain skills. These US jobs pay $13.60–$27.20 per hour. Also required are public and private English instructors.

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture’s capital, contains numerous automakers’ headquarters. Prefecture capital. Nagoya has many part-time manufacturing employees. Nagoya offers part-time assembly line, quality control, and machine operation employment. These occupations need several skills. These are popular jobs. Part-time food and beverage employment include serving and bartending. Part-time employment exist. This sector provides part-time administrative and cleaning work.

Nagoya excels in hospitality and tourism. Japan and foreign tourists explore the city’s local and international attractions. Hospitality, tourism, and tour guiding are part-time jobs. Cashiers and salespeople work part-time. Foodservice provides several jobs. Wholesaling offers long-term jobs for qualified candidates. 7-Eleven and FamilyMart recruit part-timers.